We accommodate all standard forming methods and are specialised in flow forming. Our company has an in-house development and manufacturing centre; we can therefore offer highly precise component geometries otherwise unattainable with standard forming methods.
Long-standing experience in economic manufacturing of formed parts, even in small to medium-sized batches, is our unique selling proposition.

We offer you complex, technical forming solutions made of all cold forming materials to suit your formed component wishes.In this respect, we advise you on the effective design of your components, engineer and build the necessary tools and produce the components to meet your precise wishes, including auxiliary elements such as threaded sockets, connecting pieces, bolts or handles. We provide your components as a one-stop solution; we are also happy to cater to mechanical finishing and mounting as complete assemblies.We work with experienced cooperation partners to accommodate all methods within surface treatment according to your precise wishes. Our services cover the entire value-added chain across all stages of manufacturing.