We are specialised in all areas of flow forming technology and are happy to exploit all the benefits of this method to suit your specific application. We use both horizontal and vertical pressure rollers.
- Horizontal pressure rollers

Services involving horizontal pressure rollers are provided using a CNC-controlled triple-roller flow-forming machine for cylindrical components with a diameter of 30 to 340 mm, a maximum component length of 1150 mm and a sheet thickness range of 0.2 to 8 mm. This permits the manufacture of very thin components with an extraordinarily high length:diameter ratio. Horizontal pressure rollers stretch deep-drawn, pot-shaped, axially symmetrical components made of cold forming materials. A "flow" is induced in the shell surface of the material, which is then pressed into the right length. The formed sheet metal parts produced in this way have flanges and bases that permit a broad range of designs for integration in engineered systems while satisfying extremely high precision requirements.

- Vertical pressure rollers

Vertical pressure roller technology enlarges on horizontal pressure rolling through combination with state-of-the-art technology. The vertical 6-axis CNC flow forming machine enables the production of all axially-symmetrical workpiece geometries, e.g. cylindrical or cone-shaped components; it uses the methods
- forming pressure
- projection pressure
- ironing pressure.
Controlled separately, the three supports exerting compressive force of up to 175 kN/support enable the production of components with workpiece diameters of 50-900 mm and a max. component length of 1800, alongside a sheet thickness range of 0.2

Forming and projection pressure (left),
ironing pressure (right)